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We deliver free of charge in and around the Plettenberg Bay area, orders received by 11h00 Monday - Saturday will be for same day delivery.

Sunday delivery by special arrangement only, please contact us to discuss your requirements

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Lionels' Choice Adult

Adult 8kg
R 157,00
8kg Bag
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We are proud about what goes into our dog food - So much so that we don’t use

vague terms such as ‘animal derivatives’ and ‘plant derivatives’ to describe the

ingredients; NO we name every single one of them on our bag – simply because

we have nothing to hide! Only wholesome, nutritious food that gives your dog the

balanced diet he/she needs!

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Lionels' Choice

Dog Food

Whole Ground Corn, Prime Corn Gluten, Ostrich Meat and Bone meal,Low Ash Poultry Meal, Rice, Corn Bran, Canola Meal, Wheat Bran, Beef Tallow,Chicken Fat, Canola Oil*, Sunflower Oil, Soybean Oil, Natural Palatant,Sodium Chloride, Micro Minerals and Vitamins, Potassium Carbonate, Lysine,Approved Anti-Oxidant
Iron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Cobalt, Selenium, Iodine, Potassium
Vitamins A, D3, E, K3, B1 and B2, Niacin, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamins B6 and B12, Folic Acid, Biotin, Choline Chloride

* Canola oil represents at least 20% of our blend of oils and fats to ensure the right amount of Omega 3 fatty acids for your dog’s skin and coat health*